Promax Lipo Inch Loss Treatment

Promax Lipo Inch Loss Treatment2020-07-18T18:08:48+00:00

Non-Surgical, Pain Free Fat Reduction Treatment

A safe and effective body shaping alternative.

We are delighted to introduce the latest non-invasive fat reduction treatment, Lynton ProMax Lipo, a clinically proven procedure which breaks down fat cells (including cellulite), giving you instant inch-loss as well as improving general skin laxity.

5 Benefits of the Lynton ProMax Lipo

  • The power of 3 – three revolutionary technologies combine to deliver unrivalled body shaping and fat reduction treatments

  • Non-invasive treatment – ProMax Lipo doesn’t require any anaesthetic and has no associated downtime; you can even pop in for treatment on a lunch break or on your way home from work

  • Pain free – most people are worried about the pain associate with fat reduction. Not to worry, this is an entirely pain free treatment with only some mild heating experienced

  • Award-Winning – the ProMax Lipo is supplied by the multi-award-winning technology brand, Lynton, who have won numerous awards for their innovative aesthetic equipment and clinical results

  • Instant Results – the ProMax Lipo can treat all skin types but has also been shown to provide instant results and circumferential inch loss


Is it permanent?2020-03-27T14:42:13+00:00

We can gain and loose fat quickly sometimes and most of us find our weight fluctuates somewhat. This treatment cannot stop that and therefore you may gain weight again on that area. The fat cells are still there. Some people will have maintenance treatments every 1-3 months to help retain the result, and with good diet and ideally some exercise there is no reason why you can’t.

How is treatment carried out?2020-03-27T14:41:42+00:00

A layer of gel is applied to the treatment area and an applicator moves in circular motions delivering Ultrasound energy. A warm, tingling sensation may be felt but treatment is very comfortable.

What does ProMax Lipo feel like?2020-03-27T14:41:07+00:00

Treatment is not considered painful, most people find a warm, tingling sensation is felt and a high-pitched sound is heard.

What results can I expect?2020-03-27T14:40:33+00:00

Improvement is often noticed after only a few sessions, but best results are seen after a full course. The results vary with some people loosing 1-2 inch circumference on somewhere like the abdomen, other’s may get a more subtle result. We are all individuals and with fat reduction is does depend on your regime at home. Ideally you should be on a low-fat diet and consider exercise to get the best results.

Am I suitable for treatment?2020-03-27T14:40:02+00:00

ProMax Lipo is suitable for most individuals. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding treatment is not advisable. It is aimed more at people who are looking to reduce small areas of stubborn fat, who are already roughly the size they want to be. Or it can be used for people who are on some sort of weight loss programme and just need a boost to shift the excess in certain areas.

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